How choosing an urn is a gift to yourself and your loved ones

How choosing an urn is a gift to yourself and your loved ones

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When Kate Anderson, founder of modern urn company Welkin, unexpectedly lost her father, she was left with a laundry list of to-do’s and a too-short timeline to properly plan the celebration of life she believed he deserved. One of the hardest aspects was finding a final resting place that reflected how she envisioned him being remembered, in an aesthetic that aligned with her own. For years, that meant her portion of his remains were stored in a bag within an old ammunition box. This common unchosen choice wasn’t what she wanted for her father. 

She felt he deserved more, but how could things have gone differently?

By planning ahead, loved ones can avoid the often overwhelming experience full of upselling, nickel-and-diming, and pressure into choosing outdated options that go into planning a celebration of life and final resting place. The aesthetically-driven decision of an urn can be overlooked in the process, but choosing an urn can be an incredibly thoughtful keepsake to leave loved ones when keeping a few things in mind: 

  • How many people will be receiving a portion of your remains?

    • (Your children, your spouse, close friends, etc.)

  • Will there be an additional resting place? 

    • (A mutual ground for friends and family to visit such as a memorial, park, beach, etc) 

Knowing these answers will determine how many portions the remains will be divided into and an urn size can be chosen. One pound of weight, prior to cremation, equals to one cubic inch of ashes. Most urns will list one or both of these measurements in their specifications. 

Taking into account your loved one’s design tastes as well as your own will make for a more considered decision when choosing an urn. From there, you can choose options that are modern, traditional, sentimental and functional. The significance is that you’re choosing. 

Through her personal experience, Kate founded Welkin to beautifully celebrate the life of a loved one and make this part of the process easier for others. The thoughtfully designed ceramic urns are discreet, yet decorative vessels with a built-in vase for displaying dried flower arrangements. Backed by a customer-centric purchasing experience, peace of mind comes by a flexible return policy, unlimited warranty, proper packaging and fast delivery.

Taking the guess-work out of choosing a final resting place is a gift to your loved ones. Knowing your remains will be displayed proudly and with dignity in an aesthetically-pleasing way is a gift to both yourself and your kin. 

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