Will the urn fit the remains of my loved one?

Our urn will hold the ashes of a loved one weighing up to 175 lbs prior to cremation. In the event the weight exceeds 175 lbs, our customers have either chosen to spread a portion of the remains in a sacred place or have opted to purchase additional urns for ease of sharing the remains of the loved one with the remaining kin. 

What are the dimensions of the urn?

Our medium sized urn is 8" x 8" x 13.25"  

How do I put the ashes into my urn?

6 steps for transferring your loved one's ashes into your Welkin urn

What colors do you offer?

Currently, we offer a matte white & matte black. 

Do you offer customization? 

At this time, we are not offering customization. 

Can I make changes to my order?

Please contact hello@welkinmemorials.com for any order change requests. 

How do I clean my urn?

To clean your urn, please dust with a damp cloth and dry completely. It is not recommended to use anything other than water to clean the product. Feel free to email hello@welkinmemorials.com with any further questions. 

How much is shipping?

Welkin currently ships free of charge to most states in the U.S. but additional fees will be charged for those shipping to Alaska or Hawaii. 

How long will it take for my urn or dried arrangement to ship?


Our urns are shipped via UPS Ground and delivery will take 2-6 business days depending on location. Please note, there may be delays in transit, especially during peak shipping times (the holidays). If you need to get your item sooner, please contact hello@welkinmemorials.com.

Dried Arrangements: 

Our dried arrangements are shipped through our partner, Juniper Flowers, via FedEx Ground and delivery will take 5-7 business days depending on location. 

Where do you ship?

Currently, we only ship within the United States and there are additional shipping fees for those shipping to Hawaii and Alaska.

What happens if my urn arrives broken or damaged?

Please contact us as soon as possible at hello@welkinmemorials.com with details and images if there is an issue with your urn upon delivery and we will work diligently to resolve the issue. 

What is your return policy?

Welkin is here to provide you peace of mind with our flexible return policy— please contact hello@welkinmemorials.com to initiate your return. 

What happens if my urn breaks? 

Welkin is here to provide you peace of mind with our lifetime warranty — please contact hello@welkinmemorials.com to initiate your warranty claim and replacement. 

How to unbox and care for my dried arrangement:

Upon receipt, carefully unwrap the bouquet from the protective cotton floral wrap, and place in your Welkin urn. Gently and delicately fluff and spread the stems slightly to restore the full shape of the arrangement. Display away from direct sunlight, heat, humidity, or regular airflow (like  below a vent). Colors will naturally fade over time when as the florals age; sunlight will accelerate the process