Handcrafted keepsakes

At Welkin, we embrace joyfully remembering our loved ones both in life, and death.

Our handcrafted vase urns are thoughtfully designed, discreet and made in the USA.

We make the tough times a little easier through fast and free shipping, easy returns and warranty.

  • Crafted for loved ones

    Our urns complement your home's aesthetics, providing a discreet yet decorative vessel for your loved one's ashes, along with a built-in vase for your favorite florals.

  • Ensuring peace of mind

    Find solace in our seamless return policy, extensive warranty coverage, meticulous packaging, and swift delivery. We hope to help you feel at ease throughout your journey.

  • Easing difficult times

    We understand your journey because we've been there too. That's why we we've given the traditional urn a modern twist, at a fraction of the cost you'd find at a traditional mortuary.

Designed by heart, made by hand

  • "This is the most PERFECT non-traditional urn I have found. I just got it in and couldn’t be happier. My mom would have loved it, which is why I picked it to honor her. Thank you so much for creating something I will cherish for the rest of my life."

    --Mallory E.

  • "When my dad suddenly passed away a few months ago, I immediately knew I wanted a Welkin urn to hold his ashes. The urn is sturdy and beautiful and I love that it fits right in with my home decor. I couldn't be more pleased!"

    -- Katelyn C.

  • "The customer service is amazing. I was looking for something beautiful for my precious mom and I found it. Thank you for making this process easier on my heart knowing I can have my mom in something beautiful."

    -- Amanda L.

Woman holding Welkin urn in floral arm chair

About Welkin

Like many have experienced, Welkin exists because the loss of a loved one.

Instead of the solace you would hope for when planning a memorial for a loved one, it is often overwhelming, full of upselling, being nickel & dimed and worst of all, pressure into choosing outdated options. It can feel as if because of the high costs, it's not possible to provide the celebration of life that is deserved.

This spurred Welkin's mission to provide affordable and meaningful celebrations of life. We hope you find peace of mind and something beautiful to celebrate the life of your loved one.

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