How to choose an urn for your loved one

How to choose an urn for your loved one

There are three simple steps to selecting the best urn for your loved one: 

1: Decide on a final resting place

First, you will want to determine where the final resting place will be for the remains following cremation. Determining this will help you determine the type and size of the urn needed. 

  • Are you going to spread them, if so, all of the remains or a portion? 

    • Whether or not you are going to spread a portion of the ashes will help you with the second step mentioned below, determining the size of urn needed. 

  • Are you going to bury the urn? 

    • If you choose to bury the urn, you are welcome to choose nearly any style of urn you like as the urn will be placed into a vault and then buried. 

    • In the event you choose an urn made of cultured marble or granite, you may be able to bury the urn directly into the ground without the need for a protective vault.

  • Are you going to display the urn in a home? At one home or will the remains be divided amongst family members? 

    • Displaying them at home means you will want to consider the aesthetic of the home along with the style that best suits the personality of your loved one. 

    • Whether or not the remains are divided amongst family members will help you determine the size of the urn needed. 

2: Determine what size urn you need 

Once you have decided the remains final resting place you will need to calculate the size of urn that is needed for your loved one. There is a standard rule of thumb to help you determine this: 1 lb. of weight prior to cremation equals 1 cubic inch of ashes. 

Therefore, if your loved one weighed 175 lbs. prior to cremation you will need an urn that holds at least 175 cubic inches — this is typically listed in the product description

3: Narrow down your decisions by determining the aesthetics and price 

This is your opportunity to choose an urn based on material. You will want to consider your final resting place, price point and what will suit your final resting place along with what will represent your loved one best. 

Materials will range from wood, metal, ceramic, stone, and glass. And the prices of urns can vary anywhere from $165 to as much as $3,500 depending on the material and style.  


Following these steps will help you select the best urn for your loved one. Please reach out to with any other questions — we are here to help.

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