How will you be remembered? Leave a lasting legacy with keepsake documentary videos

How will you be remembered? Leave a lasting legacy with keepsake documentary videos

How do you want to be remembered? Don’t you wish your loved ones had something better than a voicemail to listen to when you’re gone? If you want to leave a legacy but don’t have $50 million to leave your kin; you’ve come to the right place. If you’re thinking about a loved one’s legacy and how you can help them be remembered for generations to come; keep reading. You are someone that wants to make sure you or a loved one are remembered in a meaningful way, and there’s nothing more thoughtful than that. In this article, you will learn about one of the most valuable ways to leave a meaningful legacy for your family and friends to remember you by.

There are many ways to leave a legacy. You can write a book, pass down a family business, or leave voicemails for all of your family members to listen whenever they’re missing you most. Many of us may immediately think of money or world-changing inventions. But the truth is that some of the most meaningful legacies are non-monetary, don’t show up in any history books, and are much more valuable than a voicemail.

As a matter of fact, if you plan appropriately your legacy will consist of a variety of different keepsakes. If you’re this type of planner, you might have come across various end of life planning checklists that recommend various legacy planning options. The shame of it all is that not enough people plan for their end of life, and you have way more options and opportunities than you think! Although the other legacy keepsakes serve a purpose, one of the best ways we can leave a legacy is by telling our stories, and one of the best ways to capture our stories is by recording legacy videos. Now that you think of it, don’t you have a lifetime full of stories you’d like to share with the next generation of your family and friends?

Storytelling is so important to us as humans. Our brains are wired to remember stories. So don’t you wish there was a way to capture life’s most meaningful stories in a way that can be cherished forever? Don’t you wish there was a way to capture your stories to ensure your legacy is preserved with the thoughtfulness and quality it deserves? Don’t you wish your loved ones had something better than a voicemail to listen to when you’re gone?

Introducing: Keepsake Documentary Videos. A keepsake documentary video is an interview recording of you or a loved one telling life’s most important stories. Storytelling is nothing new or novel, but capturing those stories in a keepsake video with photos, music, and multiple chapters for loved ones to cherish forever… now that’s Grandma’s scrapbook upgraded to the 21st century!

But why videos? Videos last forever. Videos depict exactly how you laugh, how you cry, and capture your true essence in a way that no other legacy product can. If you just look around - all of the best stories are captured in documentary videos. Whenever you hear about something in the news isn’t one of your first questions; When’s the Netflix documentary coming out? Don’t you think you deserve your own documentary? What about your Mom or Dad? Grandma and Grandpa? Everyone deserves their own documentary and you deserve to be remembered in a meaningful way.

So, you’re still reading and wondering… how does this work? Couldn’t I just interview my loved one with my iPhone? Couldn’t I hire a video producer to come to my house to record an interview?

Yes, you can absolutely do both. One of those options is quite time consuming and the other can be quite expensive. So that’s why there are services like Kindred here to help.

We found Kindred online and the process is super simple! You just purchase a keepsake documentary online and tell Kindred what you want to ask in the interview. Next you upload some cherished photos, and then Kindred’s experienced interviewers will take that input and meet with you or your loved one online (via Zoom), and lead the entire interview bringing thought-provoking questions that dig deep into life’s most meaningful stories. After the interview, Kindred takes it from there. They edit out the best stories, add music and your photos, and send you your keepsake documentary in just a couple of weeks! If you’re curious how it all works, you can visit their website here to learn more in just 60 seconds.

Whether you want to capture a Mother’s legacy, a Father’s legacy, preserve your family’s holiday traditions, or even interview as a couple to capture “The Story of Us;” Kindred’s interviews have seen it all and are ready to create an interview experience to savor and capture incredible stories to cherish forever. Now that you’ve made it through this article, it’s about time to ask yourself: how do I want to be remembered?

To learn more about Kindred's work and to start your keepsake documentary today, visit their website here and use code WELKIN5 at checkout for 5% off your purchase. 

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