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Why memorializing loved ones is an important step in your grief

Written in collaboration with Annie Horton at Our Loss 

Understanding grief

Grief is a natural response to loss. It's the emotional and often physical suffering we feel when something or someone we love or have had a connection with (good or bad) is taken away. This can be triggered by the death of a person or pet, the end of a significant relationship, loss of health, career, safety, or even the future or past. In essence, grief is one of the prices we pay for being human.

Why memorializing our loved ones is an important step in the grieving process

Honoring Their Life

Memorializing a loved one allows you to celebrate their life, accomplishments, and impact. It provides a platform to share stories, anecdotes, and memories, providing comfort and a sense of connection.

Coping and Healing

The act of memorializing can be a crucial part of the grieving process. It provides a structured way to express grief (as grief can feel incredibly unstructured and scattered), helping individuals process their emotions.

Community Support

Memorials bring together friends, family, and community, creating a space for shared grief. This communal support can be invaluable in easing the feeling of isolation that often accompanies grief.

Preserving Memories

Memorials, be it physical or virtual, can serve as lasting repositories of memories, offering a place to return to when wanting to feel close to the deceased. This can be especially helpful for younger family members who may not have had as much time with the loved one.

Cultural and Spiritual Practices

Many cultures and religions have specific practices for commemorating the dead. Engaging in these rituals can provide comfort, a sense of continuity, and connection to cultural or spiritual heritage.

Passing on Legacy

Memorializing a loved one helps to pass on their legacy, ensuring their life stories, values, and teachings are not forgotten, but instead, are carried forward by future generations.

Expression of Love and Respect

Memorials are ultimately an expression of love and respect for the deceased. They serve as a testament to the significant role the person played in the lives of those left behind.

Reflection and Personal Growth

The act of memorializing can prompt introspection and personal growth, encouraging individuals to consider their own mortality, appreciate life, and perhaps reassess their own values and priorities.

About Our Loss 

“Our Loss” was born from Annie’s desire to break down barriers created by society and institutions around keeping grief private. After the sudden loss of her father in late 2017, she felt isolated in the depths of her early grief. At the time, not much was providing comfort and reassurance. Over time, Annie found the only way she could see through the dark clouds of early grief was watching her friends who had also experienced loss, manage their grief in their everyday lives.

In the evenings, when her grief was sometimes at its worst, she’d read academic articles, novels, and personal blogs on grief to try and understand how and why she was feeling the way she was. She found some consolation in Instagram accounts run by professionals, like Rebecca Soffer, the author of "Modern Loss," and Megan Devine, the author of "It’s Ok To Not Be Ok." She observed the communities that formed around these online platforms, noting how people met and formed instant connections based solely on their shared grief.

After dedicating some time to work at a local hospice and expanding her education in grief and bereavement academically, she founded "Our Loss" in 2022. "Our Loss" serves as an in-person and online community for young adults seeking peer connection and communal support in their grief journey. The organization hosts semi-regular community meetups for those living with grief and professionals in the field, in addition to various events and workshops. The events offered by "Our Loss" range from children’s story time readings to creative, hands-on workshops, all conducted in partnership with local professionals.

Through her work with "Our Loss," Annie is committed to bringing grief support into the public sphere, integrating it into everyday life, and fostering a community of understanding and acceptance.

About Welkin Memorials

Memorializing a loved one is an integral part of the grief process, providing solace and a sense of closure for those left behind. Creating a memorial allows us to honor the life and legacy of the person we have lost, preserving their memory in a tangible and meaningful way. Whether it involves selecting an urn as a final resting place, planting a tree, or organizing a celebration of life, these acts of remembrance enable us to channel our emotions and pay tribute to the significance their life held for us. Through memorialization, we find comfort in the shared stories and cherished moments, keeping the essence of our loved one alive in our hearts. It offers an opportunity to gather with others who share in our sorrow, providing a sense of community and support during the healing process. By memorializing our loved ones, we create a lasting connection with their spirit and ensure that their memory lives on, providing a source of solace and a way to keep their presence alive in our hearts. 

At Welkin Memorials, we deeply understand the significance of commemorating the life of a loved one in a meaningful manner. Our handcrafted urns serve not only as functional vessels but also as pieces of art, enabling you to honor and showcase the ashes of your loved one in a manner that is truly special and deeply personal.

The Welkin vase urn offers you the opportunity to proudly display the ashes of your loved one within your home while allowing you to also display a floral arrangement of your choosing. Offered in two sizes and two colors, they seamlessly integrate with your living space, becoming a natural extension that beautifully preserves their memory.

Gone are the days of hiding ashes in a closet or settling for an outdated urn. Instead, our urns allow you to incorporate the cherished memory of your loved one into your daily life. They provide a genuine sense of solace and familiarity, allowing their presence to accompany you in a way that feels organic and comforting.

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