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Welkin Memorials

Welkin x Juniper Flower's Dried Bouquet | alba

Welkin x Juniper Flower's Dried Bouquet | alba

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Our dried bouquets are individually designed & made to order by our partner Juniper Flowers 

Our alba bouquet consists primarily of white fern, mini pampas, and bunny tails but each arrangement is a unique product of nature & the art of floral preservation, and as a result, may differ from the bouquet pictured. But not to worry, we will always prioritize the best available dried product and despite natural variations, each piece will match the described color palette, feel, size, and shape of the arrangement pictured 

The accent stems (dried bunny tails) in the alba bouquet come in four different color variations: fuchsia, aqua, rust and white

Dimensions: 8" x 8" x 12"

Made in Phoenix, AZ 


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